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Blue Emergency Card

Blue cards are to be updated YEARLY.

It is extremely important that the school has the current, correct information for contacting parents, guardians, or persons in parental relations, at all times – especially during the school day. It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to see that the Blue Emergency Contact Card, which is kept on file in the main office, is completely filled out and to date. Notify the school in writing of any changes so that we can update official Department of Education forms and databases.

If your child becomes ill or it is necessary to close school early due to an unforeseen emergency, we will use the Blue Emergency Card contact information to contact you. Be sure that those adults you list on the Emergency Card know that they have been listed.
If there is a significant change (i.e. an address or name change) please contact the main office (718) 528-1862  to have this information updated in the system. You will need to bring in proof of address for any address changes.
To see a sample of a Blue Emergency Card click here!