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P.S. 36 Q Mission & Instructional Focus

The P.S. 36 Q Mission Statement:

The mission of P.S. 36Q is to provide an inclusive, safe and supportive learning community where all learners meet, or exceed grade level standards and are prepared academically to enter middle school and beyond. At P.S. 36Q, we believe that students learn and excel best when:

  1. They are provided with rich, robust learning opportunities that consider their specific needs and individual learning styles;
  2.   All adults take accountability for their success and pursue a success-driven, life-long learner mindset;
  3. The learning environment is safe, nurturing and encourages student agency so that they are able to articulate their needs;
  4.   We are able to partner with parents, families and community to increase outcomes for all students.

Instructional Focus

If across grades and subjects, teachers align their instructional program (creation of cohesive curriculum maps/ pacing calendars, scopes of sequence and results-driven lesson plans) to the Next Generation Learning Standards (NGLS) then:

All PS 36 students will be exposed to standards-based, high level learning tasks that include explicit instruction opportunities, differentiated tasks, data-driven small groups, and corrective feedback resulting in an increase in student’s ability to master the standards in ELA & MATH.

 Students in class raising their hands.